Professional Pet Grooming Services in Cheam Village Surrey

Unlike some pet grooming establishments our price is all inclusive.

The full Groom Service includes:

  • A Hydro-bath with a shampoo and condition, we have shampoos to suit different coat types and sensitive skin
  • Blow dry/fluff dry. – by hand NO cage drying
  • Dead Hair removal
  • Brush/comb through to be left knot and tangle free
  • Clipped/scissored, styled or hand stripped to breed standard or to your own specification
  • A blueberry Facial
  • Nail clipping and ear cleaning (if your pet allows)
  • All dogs leave with a bow and cologne spray
  • Appointments necessary

Walk in Wash & Dry Service

We also offer our popular drop in bathing service.

If you have been out on a really muddy walk, or if your dog rolls in something yuk! Let’s face it, they all do it, pop your dog in to us with no appointment necessary and we’ll have him or her looking and smelling gorgeous in no time!


It is really important to get your puppy used to the grooming environment – not only does it help them to be happy being groomed, it gets them used to being touched which will be helpful when they go to the vet, or when carrying out those important health checks.

We do a puppy introduction session where puppy comes in and we get them used to the salon, the sounds and smells. We make it as pleasant an experience as possible for pup (if they are happy to) we will give them a bath and dry and brush through so they will leave feeling clean, happy and smelling great.

Cat Grooming

We groom all types of cats and all temperaments!!

Cats, especially long haired cats can not groom themselves sufficiently and often end up having to have their coats removed due to matting, however regular grooming can eliminate this. Also matts are very painful and cats try to bite them off which leads to skin irritations.

Other small Furries...

We don’t stop at Cats and Dogs, at Scamps we regularly groom other varieties of furry friends such as Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.


We do not have a set price list as each dog is different and will depend on size and condition so please contact us to discuss.

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